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Cast List

Gertrude Greenfly - Tony King

Snow White - Jodie Grant

Jimmy Jester - Scott Coleman

Marsha Mellow - Cheryl Cooper

Queen Asphyxia - Clare Spence

Slick - Robert Price

Sly - Sarah Brice

Shifty - Vic Reynolds

Prince Sebastian - Laura McAllister

Marcus - Lauren Bray

The Magic Mirror - Mandy Baughurst

Silas Long - Alastair Moseley

The Seven Dwarfs

Smiler - Grace Ward

Sniffy - Katie Robinson

Dippy - Gabriel Spence

Snoozey - Roisin Spence

Brainy - Molly Durant

Grouchy - Sam Hartopp

Pops - Carole More


Abbie Acton, Lauren Bray, Abigail Leach, Ella Pollard, Abigail Stretton


Sophie Brown, Lizzie Conway,

Cheryl Hitchcock, Maisie Taylor,

Charley Tunbridge

Director & Producer - Mandy Baughurst

Dancers Supplied by Hugglescote Dance and Drama

Keyboard - Alan Price