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Cast List

Mother Goose - Alastair Moseley

Silly Billy - Jamie Bradbury

Jack - Jess Clarke

Jill - Trish Mason

Biff - Sarah Buck

Bash - Carol Ross

Squire Blackheart - Murray Holt

Fairy Day - Shannon Bradford

Demon Night - Matthew Leeson

Sally The Goose Girl - Emma Croucher

Priscilla the Goose - Emmie Hope

Estee – Beauty therapist - Bethan McLeavy

Lauder – Beauty therapist - Millie Parker

Madame Fifi - Mandy Baughurst

King Gander - Adrian Dobson

Queen Goosey Goosey - Bethan McLeavy


Millie Parker, Bethan McLeavy, Anna Brice,

Lilly Mason, Amber Barfield, Bethany Murfin


Charlie Conway, Chloe Dicken, Sophie Brown,        Poppy Ryder, Hannah Talbott

Director & Producer - Mandy Baughurst

Dancers supplied by Hugglescote Dance & Drama